What is this??
It's a dream comes true!

Once upon a time, an italian greedy angel who lived in piemont, THE land of hazelnuts, woke up on a sunny morning surrounded by his beloved nuts, asking himself how to sublimate them. Suddenly he remembered his dream. A dream in which he invented a dessert to celebrate the woman he's loved all his life. she was a milk chocolate addict...

here's what he dreamed of :

250g hazelnuts, 100g high quality milk chocolate, 30g cocoa butter, 250g icing sugar

here's what he did :

First he roasted the hazelnuts in his oven at 302°F for 10 minutes, until they got the nice color of amber
he waited a few minutes and peeled them.

He coarsely chopped the chocolate and put it on a "bain marie" with the cacao butter to melt.

then he finely ground the nuts with icing sugar to make a paste and add the melted chocolate

 GIANDUJA was born !
(actually, I made up this story, I wanted something romantic to illustrate that oustanding recipe)

                                                                                                                                   relax, savour & share!


  1. Yummm. Sounds like homemade nutella. What did u use to grind the nut/butter mixture

  2. This homemade hazelnut spread would be way too dangerous to keep around the house! LOVE it!! :)

  3. Yummmy! Would love to try this!

    Btw, I created a link page on my blog and I included yours in it! Let me know if it’s ok with you.

  4. With such delicious results, I'd gladly buy the story, whether real or fictional. How could I complain? :)

  5. Bravo pour tes belles photos et surtout la dernière en bas à droite...on devine la gourmandise derrière et c'est extra !

  6. Thanks for the recipe..I LOVE gianduja!!
    The last photo...amazing!

  7. ton blog est un lieu de perdition pour la gourmande que je suis !!!

  8. a nice blogggg. kiss from spain :)